Friday, 4 May 2012

Hi there Folks, just thought I would share a photo of the latest little mischievous little ones! Most have been snapped already before they made it to my store but there are more in progress. I have also been busy completing commissioned dragons, gremlins and dolls.
Most of which are just about to make a trip to the post office and on their way to their new homes.
Over the next week I will be making a good assortment of new minis for the shop which includes new gremlins, dragons, pixies, birds, witchy and wizardy additions and new dolls!
Also many items will be placed in store at hugely discounted prices so snap up a bargain whilst you can!
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and hoping the sun shine greets you all over the coming week!
best wishes and happy crafting
xx Nicky


  1. These guys are so cute - of course they mean trouble... but who cares, they're irresistable, as your baby dragons. - Btw, I'm a bit confused I don't show up in your follower's list because I follow your blog for quite a time - and I had this post in my dashboard. Well, I don't have to understand everything... ;O)


  2. Big wave Hello to you Birgit I think blogger is a place full of gremlins, as all my followers went swishing away! I think it is when they changed everything :( now I feel like I am talking in a very quiet room instead of at a full house party! I am hoping a few more will swing over and come back to say hello soon!
    Meanwhile pull up a chair and share a cup of tea with me, the gremlins and dragons :) xxx have a lovely weekend :) xxx

  3. Nicky, Your post came up on my normal blog feed, so hopefully everyone will see your posts too. As for you post... I cant wait to see the new stuff your working on! Dragons & Pixies & Birds.. OH MY! I do so love your dragons. :) Just to let you know, when I am trying to tell someone about miniatures as a hobby and they get that blank look on their face, I will often bring them one of your dragons to show them how tiny & detailed miniatures can be! Once they see them, THEN they get it. It is to hard to expain to someone who know nothing about minis. :)
    Enjoy your long weekend!

  4. Lori I am so pleased everyone can still see me! Now the room doesnt feel so empty :))
    Oh hun that is a wonderful compliment!! Thank you so very much :)) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xxxxx Nicky