Saturday, 5 May 2012

More Mischief Makers :)

Just thought I would share a photo of my latest new additions to my online store!
My oven is loaded up with birds as I type but these take me quite a while to paint so bear with me,
I am also still working away on commissions, Hope to have those completed by the end of next week (except for the pixies as their cages still havent arrived :o(  !)
I am also working on some 24th scale dragons and baby dragons
Now if I could just sculpt a few more hours in the day then I would be a very happy bunny indeed!

I have added a new range of hand sculpted potion bottle sets to my online store and will be doing a marathon photographing session over the weekend to add some sale items as well, Once the sale items are gone they will not be replaced, quite a few of them will be listed at prices below cost price, this will hopefully gain me a bit more space in my stock cupboard! Keep an eye out !
have a lovely bank holiday weekend and chat again soon xxxx Nicky


  1. Can i reserve the killing time one? if no one has gotten it yet? He is so Cute!!!

  2. Just done it for you Lori! Sorry my computer decided to update something and the whole thing froze had to wait for it to clear and do a restart before I could reply, dont you just love technology! LOL

  3. Great that is awsome! my first gremlin. :) I love him with the glassses!! I want to wait to see wht you post this upcoming week & ship them all together if thats ok.